Haze Bakery -Taste organic freshness! Our gourmet recipes are authentic "Amsterdam Method," to appeal to all. Lab-tested, using the finest organic and local premium ingredients. Our founder is also a nutritionist, so we aim keep calories low! High in organic goodness!


Handmade fresh in small batches...

Haze Bakery is unique in that we believe  you can taste quality! That's why our treats are handmade fresh in small batches to provide a smooth herbal combination. Taste organic goodness!   

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handmade fresh!


Haze Bakery believes in purity, that's why we make our treats by hand, to ensure quality. We offer several varieties, including GLUTEN-FREE, DAIRY-FREE, NATURAL & VEGAN flavors. Try our "Hollywood Hemp" cookie, packed with protein from the legal super-grain: hemp seed!


It's always a pleasure to get a compliment from our satisfied customers! Send us an email if you love our bakery, and we'll try to post your love... Check out comments from our happy Hazers... 


Haze Bakery, named after that iconic  Hendrix song "Purple Haze"- also that famous cannabis, "Silver Haze." We bake gourmet treats with organic herbs, for maximum flavor. We use pure, nutritious stuff, like Hemp & Cali Sun! Founder, Chef Suzette, trained in Europe, learning authentic methods.

Our fabulous Haze Bakery treats will soon be available in fine stores! Our online flavors are noted Gluten-Free, Vegan or Raw. Even though they might sound sexy, things like Hemp Seeds are not controlled substances, safe for all and extremely nutritious! 


"HIGH on organic goodness"


love, peace, hemp!

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